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talk show about overcoming self-inflicted violence such as cutting, burning, hitting, etc.

About Share Your Scars


Sharing From Experience

In “Share Your Scars”, host Vicki speaks candidly about every aspect of self-inflicted violence, self-injury & self-harm including her own struggles and journey of recovery.


Unique Talk Show

"Share Your Scars" is a talk show dedicated to every aspect of self-inflicted violence, hosted by Vicki that currently airs on our YouTube channel on Fridays and Sundays.


Real People

Vicki is joined with regular group members and volunteers who share their stories, experiences and insight on self-injury. We also have guests that share as well.

Share Your Story

show your scars - share your story

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We would love to hear your story of overcoming.

"Share Your Scars" talk show is a mission of Launching Point, Inc.